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Dominic creates a range of willow products from trugs and baskets to plant supports and sculptures.

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Willow conical plant support


Based on a salmon trap, these solidly woven cones are made from Sussex willow. They are ideal to support runner beans, sweet peas or other climber in your garden.

Other sizes available - just ask.                                                      


6-7 ft high



Wibbly cone

  Wibbly cones

Add structure and interest to your garden with a woven brown willow "wibbly cone". The main cones is about 6' high and the "tendril" up to 4' long.


Woven dome support    

Woven in buff and brown willow. Approx 75cm in height and 40cm diameter these supports are ideal for smaller climbing plants and those that need protection from the wind in the early part of the season.


  dome support
Bentwood chair  

bentwood chairs


Rustic gypsy style willow bentwood chair with steam bent back and arms.

Made from home grown Sussex willow.

















 Cyntell basket 

A large frame basket in brown willow, based on a Welsh potato harvesting basket. Makes an excellent log basket. 24" diameter, 10" deep.






Split hazel frame basket

  Split hazel frame basket

Split hazel rods fill this frame basket.

18" x 12" diameter, 5" deep, plus handle.




Sciathog frame basket   Sciathog
Buff willow basket with a wild rose rim.  
20" diameter, 6" deep.  



Willow sphere

Woven willow sphere 2 ft in diameter.

Larger sizes available to commission.




Willow sphere
Sussex trug


Traditionally made in sweet chestnut and white willow


no.6 trug

No. 3   Garden trug 14" x 18"




No. 6   Garden trug  11" x 20" - Most popular gardening size


No. 8   Garden trug (strapped) - also known as the half bushel




No. 8 trug

Round 10" trug

Ideal as a small harvesting basket for eggs or fruit







round trug


Canterbury watercress basket

A unique frame basket to the Kent / East Sussex area, traditionally used for harvesting watercress. Made from Sussex grown split willow. It measures 35cm x 20cm x15cm depth.





Organically woven willow play den

From £250






Willow cuttings


Salix viminalis (common osier)

Salix purpurea (purple willow)

Available February / March

50p a cutting


Growing willow rods

80p a rod

Available December until March

Make your own dome, arbour or tunnel, or commission Dominic to create a growing willow structure for your home or school. sprouting willow dome










growing dome



    Traditional hedgelaying  

Old hedge

Hedge after laying


Hedgelaying is good for an old hedge and good for the wildlife it contains.

Dominic uses hand tools and traditional techniques to bring a neglected hedge back to life.

These pictures show a before and after of a layed hedge.


Contact Dominic for details.


Willow sculpture to commission


See gallery for recent commissions and contact Dominic for bespoke items.


    Willow cones